The street for the comfort, head  
by Sandro Napolitano  

The way to well-being

How to choose the best road



“The way to well-being” is a disarming book, giving the simplicity in which its concepts are expressed.
The protagonist of the book, Elian, is a 16-year-old boy who starts a long journey towards a more profound understanding of the meaning of life. For, in order to understand the essence of something, you need to go beyond the surface. You need to remove the veil of our daily life.
Young Elian’s journey is a natural and human one that we are invited to trace in the protagonist’s shoes to reach the noble goals that we’ve always been told to be abstract goals, hardly reachable in our everyday life, which is so deeply ruled by utilitarian behaviour, that sometimes help us survive and sometimes only aims to the satisfaction of one’s deceitful needs.
Elian’s doubts, fears and mistakes are our own: the reader’s challenge is to succeed in clearing his mindsets and thus to grow up with the protagonist.
To give a proper purpose to our existence we need to stop and think also about those topics that are often perceived as less important or not necessary to the individual’s assertion to society. Love, empathy, faith are the invisible and yet most powerful engines of our life; they are gifts that mostly affect the well-being of someone.
Each chapter corresponds to a possible spiritual evolution that starts from rational and universal observations devoid of philosophy schemes or particular religions.
The reader reaches the goals of the journey by conquering freedom to be what he is in his own nature, discovering the importance of the soulmate, overcoming the fear of suffering and death, avoiding to create deceptions and temptations (succumbing or resisting to them is always a deceit) and above all learning to “come back home” thanks to his own free choices.
Let’s allow young Elian to take our hand, to walk the path of life with him.



Sandro Napolitano was born on the 27th of August 1967 in Milan and currently lives in Varedo, northern Italy.
He has been married for more than twenty years and has two children.
Sandro works in Lombardy, Italy, as a freelancer in the decorative paintwork field. He loves his job, because he is always engaged in researching the proper combination of colours and balance among the various settings. He is convinced that his intervention helps make a room more in tune with the people who live there.
Sandro has loved writing since he was a child, when he created poetry and short stories. In 2011 he began to write continuously, laying the groundwork for a work that he pictures as unravelled in more than one book. “The way to well-being – How to choose the best road” is the first volume, a sort of handbook or diary that shows how it is possible to create pleasure and harmony in our path of life.



To write “The way to well-being”, Sandro Napolitano says that he dig deeply in his thoughts to get the part of his own being that doesn’t find place in this world.
The author’s purpose is to make people reflect on essential topics that involve our entire life to arouse the attention of the ones who got distracted by everyday life’s more pressing and striking interests that are however less important than we think, because they “steal time from our time”.
Sandro would like to start a “revolution of light”, whose rays are “acts of love that of love can illuminate our obscurity and light up the spark of passion”.
We need to have faith in human essence, since this is the only way to find the path that leads to the purpose of earthly life.
We need also to put aside our ego to see a glimpse of truth in other people’s essence. It may seem difficult to live smothering our ego, but it is far more difficult to live without love.
This book is dedicated to those readers that want to look at life from every point of view, to free themselves from the material influence of society, that tends to “confine the inconvenient goodness of our true being to a hollow of dreams”.



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Here you can download a chapter of the book (“We are not what we see”, 4th chapter. Translated by Anne G. Roseman).
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